has closed!

Many thanks to all our loyal customers these last seven years.


Many of you came back every year, helping to make Bali Fish Spa the most revisited fish spa world wide (with the possible exception of Turkey the origin of Dr Fish)

and the fish-foot spa with the highest customer satisfaction rate.


Gratitude and thanks to our customers who supported our philosophy of:


Other industry leading achievements were:


We hope that other fish spa’s will follow our lead :)


Again, a big thank you to our many customers :)


Bali Fish Spa

What have we got?

Indo's safest fish foot spa located in Ubud, cultural center of Bali

The biggest, healthiest, liveliest, happiest, most loved Dr. Fish in Bali

Recreational oxygen with Bali herbs & spices aromatherapy NEW

Spa  located at rice fields as close as can be found to the Royal Palace and Monkey Forest areas

We are Bali's leading fish spa in terms of: