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Lowongan Kerja

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The Ethos, Ubud cafe has now closed

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What have we got?

Two of Bali's safest fish foot spa's located in Ubud, cultural center of Bali

One spa with attached cafe is five minutes walk from the post office, a health oasis on the edge of one of Ubuds bustling streets where you can also chill, meet or surf the internet

A bigger spa  located at rice fields as close as can be found to the Royal Palace and Monkey Forest areas

We are Bali's leading fish spa in terms of:



Location Maps and Opening Hours

 Bali Fish Spa on Google Maps        (click to open in a new tab)        Printable map

Bali Fish Spa + cafe near post office

Open: Mon - Fri   11 am - 08 pm 

GPS coordinates:

-8° 30' 30.67" S

+115° 16' 5.99" E

Bali Fish Spa at rice fields

Open: Mon - Sat   11 am - 08 pm 

GPS coordinates:

-8° 30' 40.09"

+115° 15' 29.44"




Phone: +62 3 6197 7453 international

Phone: 03 6197 7453 locally